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Automatic heat blower

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This is single body structure of blower and motor along with fan to minimize the vibration and noise. In case of emergency, sensor is installed to provide sufficient safety measures, and longer lifetime is guaranteed. The temperature of hot wind can be controlled electronically within ±2 ℃ of preset value, and continuous automated operation is possible.
* Instantaneous hot wind type
* Automated safety device and strong and rigid structure
* High output design with smaller size
* Freedom of temperature control between 0 ~ 399 ℃, and proportional control function
* Automated or manual control on 0 to rated current
* For hot wind generator of requiring stable function and hot wind
Application area
* Industrial/commercial process heating system
* Heating of air and gas
* Semiconductor process
* Heater for various machinery/experimental/medical devices
* Heat conduction system
* Heater for construction site


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