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Dryer can offer the uniform temperature distribution from hot wind circulation, and is possible to dry up the inside of drying body. Using finned heater, the risk of over heat and fire can be eliminated.
From the shape, characteristic, density, temperature distribution in drying body, the internal scheme of dryer is determined. By installing air vent separately, moisture can be eliminated to outside. Circulation motor is a single body type, and fan is connected to motor axis for no vibration and noise to guarantee longer lifetime.
In addition, temperature of hot win is precisely controlled within ±2 ℃ of desired temperature, and it can be run continuously and independently.

Features of dryer
* Superior safety device with instantaneous hot wind type
* Ease of operation, high output design with simple structure and small space
* Freedom of temperature control on hot wind, proportional control, automated or manual control from zero to rated current
* Stable function and timed control, optimal design to meet the customer’s specification.
Considerations for purchase
1. Name and major constituent of drying body
2. Processing volume of drying body
3. Moisture content of drying body at before/after of dry
4. Maximum temperature for not affecting drying body (temperature range and tolerance)
5. Internal structure of dryer
6. Used voltage


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