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Thermocouple is made of welded contact from each end of two different metals to form closed circuit. If the temperature is applied on the contact, thermoelectric force with specific relationship to temperature is generated. Via measuring the voltage between the two metals, temperature at the contact can be measured. Using this principle, the composition of two wires is called as thermocouple.

Features of thermocouple
* Faster response and relatively low error due to time lag
* Easy indication, control, amplification, modulation, conversion of data due to the use of thermoelectric force
* Can measure the range of 0 ℃ to 2,500 ℃ via selecting proper material composition
* Can measure the temperature at point and narrow area
Types of thermocouple
* B-type: Platinum/Rhodium 30% - Platinum/Rhodium 6%
* R-type: Platinum/Rhodium 13% - Platinum
* S-type: Platinum/Rhodium 10% - Platinum
* K-type: Chromel - Alumel
* E-type: Chromel - Constantan
* J-type: Iron/Constantan
* T-type: Copper/Constantan
* RTD-type: Platinum/Copper/Nickel
Precautions at use
* To measure temperature precisely, the proper thermocouple for application area and purpose must be selected.
* Protecting tube should be selected with considering heat/corrosion/vibration resistance. In addition, the structure, mounting method and location, etc should be properly considered.
* For precise control and indicating value, the damage in protection tube and improper mounting should be eliminated.


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