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Heater for electric power generator

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Immersion Heater

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Immersion Heater
Registered to KHNP as equipment service provider
 Item [ Electric heater ]
 Specification[ Overall ]
 Quality grade[ Q grade ]
- High performance and power heater, which is suitable for heating of liquid and fluid
 - Verified lifetime and performance from UL certification
 - Smaller size but high output product than the existing one
 - Manufactured to various forms, such as flange, cartridge nipple, screw plug, etc
 - Superb heat efficiency and effect heat transfer through direct contact with fluid
 - Improved lifetime and performance, superior safety for electric leakage
 - Suitable for heating of pressurized container
Performance and structure
* Surface temperature of heater: Max 982 ℃
 * Power density: Max 62 W/cm2
 * Insulation resistance: 2,500 Ω ~ 5,000 MΩ
 * Type: Sheath Type
Material specification
* Pipe: Stainless (SUS304, SUS316), Incoloy, Inconel 600
 * Insulator: High purity MgO
 * Heating wire: Nickel-Chrome, Kanthal
 * Flange: Steel, SUS304, SUS316


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