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DCH cartridge heater

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DCH cartridge heater was invented by the accumulated expertises and continuous R&D efforts. It is under a new concept along with UL certification.
Specially designed structure provides the ultra-high density of heat without severe thermal load via the usage of superior material and advanced manufacturing technology and quality management. The performance of this heater is greatly improved compared to the existing one.
The unprecedented performance of DCH cartridge heater can save money significantly, and enable the vast application around heating field.
Main applications are molding/injection molding, press, heat transfer system, semiconductor process, and experimental/medical equipment in various laboratories.

1. High purity of Nickel-Chrome heating wire is specially designed for required heat transfer, and it is coiled on pure MgO bobbin to provide higher electrical power density and longer lifetime.
2. Mixed MgO with optimal design improves the heat transfer characteristics. To achieve utmost insulation property, it is high-density filled with proprietary automatic filling machine.
3. Manufactured with precise pipe diameter
4. Uniform heat distribution by coiled heating wire at center
5. Manufactured with premium metal to minimize the oxidation and corrosion at high temperature
6. Maximized heat transfer efficiency from high degree of compression
7. Flexible lead Nickel wire
8. Optional: Elbow type, flexible hose type, nipple flange type, fixing finned type
Performance and structure
* Surface temperature of heater: Max 982 ℃
* Power density: Max 62 W/cm2 (400 W/in2)
* Applicable seal
- Teflon: 205 ℃
- Silicone rubber: 230 ℃
- High temperature epoxy: 260 ℃
- Ceramic: 815 ℃
* Applicable wire
- Teflon: 205 ℃
- Glass fiber: 250 ℃
- Ceramic: 650 ℃
Technology and certification
[Certification of UL and C-UL]
If the equipment is under the certification of the United States and Canada, please use DCH cartridge heater under UL and C-UL certification (File No. E203671, C-UL is same as Canadian Safety Specification
Material specification
* Pipe: SUS304, SUS310, SUS316, Inconel 600, Incoloy, Alloy
* Insulator: High purity MgO
* Heating wire: Nickel-Chrome, Steel-Chrome
Application area
* Plastic injection mold * Medical equipment * Wrapping machine
* Mold and die * Plastic mold * Shoe making machine
* Food processor
Considerations for purchase
* Usage and temperature
* Diameter, capacity, used voltage of cartridge heater, and length of heating/non-heating part
* Length of lead wire
* Types of cartridge heater (elbow, flexible hose, etc)
* For other consideration, please contact us
Precautions at use
* The hole for DCH cartridge heater must be precise-machined circle.
* The hole should be serially bored for easy insertion and extraction of DCH cartridge heater.
* Using high temperature lubricating oil, heater can be inserted with smaller gap.
* To prevent the electrical leakage and flashover, the end of heater, which connected to conductor, must not be contacted with liquid, lubricating oil, and other fluids.
* Heating area connected to conductor must be protected from mechanical vibration.
* When multiple cartridge heaters are used, the minimum distance to next heater should be larger than heater diameter.
* DCH cartridge heater should be stored in dry place or sealed vinyl pack for long time no-use. It should not be exposed to moisture


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