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DIS immersion heater

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DIS immersion heater is designed to heat water and various solutions, and can generate high amount of heat with smaller size than the existing one. Also longer lifetime, leakage protection, and superior voltage resistance is achieved through UL certification.
Applications includes water, chemical solution, electric boiler, anti-freezing system for solar heat boiler, oil, tar, sodium hydroxide, salt water, high viscous solution, asphalt, wax, paraffin, alcohol, etc.
* Excellent heating efficiency through direct contact with fluid
* Via Nickel-Chrome heating wire, there is small change in resistance and longer lifetime.
* Excellent performance obtained by superior thermal conductivity, high purity, high insulation resistance of MgO
* Suitable for heating of pressurized container
* Coating of Teflon or ceramic is possible depending on the application
  For acidic solution, Teflon coating is used.
* Optional: Flange Type (round/rectangular), cartridge nipple type, screw plug type
* Features according to used material
① Steel sheath – Used to heat non-corrosive material such as tar, refined oil, asphalt, wax, paraffin, and alcohol. Maximum surface temperature is up to 400 ℃.
② Stainless (SUS 304/316, stainless steel sheath) – Used to heat mild corrosive solutions such as water, ionized water, weak chemical solvent, and air; Maximum surface temperature is up to 760 ℃.
③ Copper sheath – Used to heat less irritating chemical solvents such as water and ionized water. In addition, it is used for warm water storage in laundry/shower room and anti-freezer at cooling tower. Maximum surface temperature is up to 175 ℃.
Performance and structure
* Surface temperature of heater: Max 982 ℃
* Power density: Max 62 W/cm2
* Applicable seal
- Teflon: 205 ℃
- Silicone rubber: 230 ℃
- High temperature epoxy: 260 ℃
- Ceramic: 815 ℃
Material specification
* Pipe: Stainless (SUS 304,316), Incoloy, Inconel 600
* Insulator: High purity MgO
* Heating wire: Nickel-Chrome, Steel-Chrome, Kanthal
* Flange: Steel, SUS
Application area
* Water, chemical solution
* Oil, tar, sodium hydroxide
* Alkaline solution
* Solar heat boiler
* Electric boiler
* Anti-freezing system
* Heating of other general and chemical solution
Considerations for purchase
* Selection of proper tubing material for heating object
* Selection of heating temperature of object
* Diameter, capacity, used voltage of immersion heater and length of heating/non-heating part
* Size of flange and screw, selection of terminal box, wire length, safety device
* For other consideration, please contact us
Precautions at use
* Proper material for solution should be selected.
* For heating device for oil, tar, and flammable solution, the proper surface load must be considered.
* Maximum permitted electric power density and recommended operating temperature must not be exceeded.
* Electric power density and operating temperature of all materials should be designed from the characteristics of media


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