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Sheath (tube) heater

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Sheath heater is manufactured by filling high purity/insulation resistance/heat conduction MgO with high pressure along the coiling of heating wire inside of tube. This heater is stable from mechanical shock and vibration from outside, and has longer lifetime. In addition, it is electrically safe due to no change in insulating property.
Application area is solution heating, molding, air heating, dryer, and fan heater.
* Possible to manufacture in various forms
* Via Nickel-Chrome heating wire, there is small change in resistance and longer lifetime.
* Superior thermal conductivity, high purity, high insulation resistance of MgO
* Fin attach for increasing use/life efficiency
Performance and structure
* Diameter of pipe: 6 ~ 22 Φ
* Surface temperature of heater: Max 870 ℃
* Power density: Max 20 W/cm2
Material specification
* Pipe: SUS304, SUS316, Incoloy
* Insulator: High purity MgO
* Heating wire: Nickel-Chrome, Steel-Chrome, Kanthal, etc
Application area
* Hot air generator
* Dryer/drying oven
* Cold/hot wind fan
* Solution heating
* Air heating
* General heating
Considerations for purchase
* Selection of proper tubing material for heating object
* Selection of heating temperature of object
* Diameter, capacity, used voltage of sheath heater and length of heating/non-heating part
* For other consideration, please contact us


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