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Band heater

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Band heater is made of mica for insulating heating wire and Zn plated steel or stainless plate as heat resistance metal. Not only very sensitive response to thermal control from lower heat capacity, but also shorter heating time enables the application to heating of injection/extrusion molder up to 350 ℃ attached onto faces of cylinder. Power density is 2.5 ~ 3.2 W/cm2.
* Manufactured the location of power supply to meet the customer specification
* Divided into lead and bolt type. The standard shape is wrapped with band.
* Band heater can save 30 % of electricity and minimize the changes of internal temperature on object.
* Classified as round and rectangular shape
Types of band heater
① Mica band heater – Faster heat conduction along with electrical insulation and heating up to 482 ℃.
② Cast-in band heater – Faster heat conduction along with lighter weight due to aluminum cast. It can be heated up to 600 ℃.
③ Ceramic band heater – Superior thermal efficiency due to insulation of ceramic, uniform heating; Maximum temperature is 871 ℃.
Material specification
Steel, stainless, copper
Application area
* Mold for extrusion and injection
* Rubber mold
* Mechanical equipment and press
* Pressing, cutting, piping work
* Heat cutter and thermal seal
* Laboratory equipment
* Heat conduction system


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