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Bolt heater (high density)

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Bolt heater (high density)
Registered to KHNP as equipment service provider
 Item [ Electric heater ]
 Specification[ Overall ]
 Quality grade[ Q grade ]
Joul’s bolt heater (high density) is manufactured for the best efficiency and quality with thermodynamic design and specialty material.
 To unscrew and tightening the stud and other bolts, which are used for vapor turbine of hydro/thermal/nuclear power plant, and ship/press, the enormous physical force is required. To earn this force, direct heating with high temperature is applied on stud bolt. When heating, the bolt is unscrewed with expansion of bolt. When cooled down, the strong tightening from shrinking. For this process, high temperature and high electrical density is required.
 Joul’s bolt heater (high density) is developed for 10 ~ 24W/cm2, compared to 8 ~ 15 W/cm2 of the existing, and can generate large amount of high heat in short time to reduce thermal loss. Therefore, this revolutionary product can be used for the maintenance on any kinds of turbine.

 - High density/power/performance bolt heater
 - Profound reduction of maintenance downtime due to faster heating rate
 - High electrical power density (10 ~ 24 W/cm2) and long lifetime
 - Maximized heat transfer efficiency from optimal design from proprietary thermal simulation S/W and special manufacturing process
Performance and structure
* Surface temperature of heater: Max 982 ℃
 * Power density: 10 ~ 24 W/cm2
 * Manufacturing tolerance
 - Capacity: +8 %, -5 %
 - Diameter: +0, -0.1 mm
- Length: ± 2 %
 - Voltage: 110 ~ 480 V
Material specification
* Pipe: Stainless (SUS310, SUS316), Incoloy, Alloy
 * Insulator: High purity MgO
 * Heating wire: Nickel-Chrome, Kanthal, etc
Application area
Faster heat transfer, steam generator, turbine maintenance (overhaul), pressurized container, vapor turbine for nuclear/thermal power generator, disjoint and assembly of stud bolt
Precautions at use
* Bolt Heater must be protected from shock and collision during transfer and operation.
 * Check the power of bolt Heater and control Panel.
 * Hole in the stud bolt must be cleaned and dry before using bolt heater.
 * Heating area should be limited to body of stud bolt, which should be same as the length of bolt heater.
 * Power should be off when inserting/eliminating bolt heater into/from stud bolt.
 * Heated bolt heater should be maintained in vertical direction, and not be leaved for prolonged time.
 * Bolt Heater must not be heated in air or during transit.
 * Bolt Heater must be storage in sealed vinyl pack with desiccators after/before use.
 * To protect bolt heater perfectly from carelessness during use, A.H.P (Auto Heater Protector) should be used.
Considerations ofr purchase
* Specification of Stud and used Bolt, required amount of expansion
 * Diameter, length, capacity (or electric power density), used voltage of bolt heater
 * Length of heating and non-heating part
 * Types of bolt heater (I-, L-shape)
 * For other consideration, please contact us.


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